At Malibu we are passionate about crepes!

We pride ourselves in using high quality ingredients and paying attention to detail, ensuring we make really delicious crepes.

Sweet Crepes

A favourite go-to dessert option! Filled with a variety of sweet ingredients including classics and quirky pairings.

Nutella is clearly our favourite filling, but we also have other delicious options such as cinnamon and sugar, black or white chocolate sauce, butter and jam.

Savory Crepes

On the savory side, we offer so many different variations for capturing a perfect flavor and satisfying every palette. You can combine as many ingredients you prefer such as local cheeses, ham, eggs, mushrooms, chicken, vegetables and more!

A fast-casual crepe corner

Grab your favourite crepe from our takeout window when you return from the beach, before or after your night out. We promise that our many years of experience and our passion to offer the finest crepes will not disappoint you.

Most Popular

The Alcoholic

Nutella, walnuts, alcohol


Nutella, strawberries, banana, biscuit

The Brazilian

Cheese, banana, cinnamon, sugar

The Greek

Feta cheese, tomato, green pepper, corn, mushrooms

All Day Breakfast

Cheese, egg, bacon, mushrooms

Chicken Special

Cheese, chicken, tomato, corn, mayo

We are open Daily

17:00 - 05:00

Kouzi Georgouli, Little Venice, Mykonos (Town)

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